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Make Time For Love

    by Raymond Hopkins

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Comedy Play Script: 'Make Time For Love' by Raymond Hopkins

Brian Hardisty is a pillar of society and well respected in the local community. For her part, Julie, his wife, enjoys the status their lifestyle brings. However, all is not as it seems in this idyllic family. Brian feels trapped in their loveless marriage. He also resents the endless Civic commitments he has taken on, so one day, completely out of character for this stable, upright citizen, he decides to make a clean break from everything. Without telling anyone, apart from his best mate, Roy, he secretly starts planning to leave the marital home and travel around the world alone.

Unbeknown to Brian, the local television company have organised a surprise award ceremony in recognition of his outstanding work in the community. By a twist of fate, the presentation broadcast is due to go out live on the same day that Brian is going to secretly leave home and begin his travels. The award day has arrived and everybody is getting ready for the big event. Brian’s two grown up daughters are ecstatic that their dad has finally been recognised for all his good works.  Julie is lapping up all the media attention. Everything is going well until a phone call from Brian’s boss, explaining that he hasn’t shown up for work, sets the alarm bells ringing.  

Time has moved on, and life has been very turbulent for Julie over the past few months.  She still has no idea what has happened to Brian but she has now decided to get on with her life and is looking for a new man. Roy is her first choice, and she isn’t put off by the fact that he is already married to her best friend, Tracy.

Over the next few months we follow Julie’s life as it twists and turns, until a surprise visit from Brian, asking for a divorce brings everything to a head! Farcical comedy at its best.

Written in 2008, this play has enjoyed outstanding success.


(3m, 7f)

  • Brian Hardisty - 60, looks very good for his age, smart in appearance, well-educated and articulate, married to Julie for 35 years, sadly the marriage now lacks any love or affection, pillar of society, involved in several community commitments, always taken life too seriously, consequently feels that he has missed out on having fun
  • Julie Hardisty - 56, Brian’s wife, slim, smart in appearance, enjoys socializing, lots of friends, enjoys being in the limelight, enjoys male company, envious of her husband’s standing in the community
  • Helen Jacobs - 34, Brian & Julie’s eldest daughter, slim, fairly plain, married with two young children, gets on well with her parents
  • Tracy Andrews - 49, Brian & Julie’s close friend, average build and height, well-groomed and smartly dressed, treats her husband Roy with contempt, bordering on being a snob, enjoys spending money
  • Roy Andrews - 46, Tracy’s husband, Brian’s best friend, good looking and smart in appearance, has been dominated by his wife, still likes to have fun from life, bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’, lots of charisma
  • Karen Spencer - 36, television reporter, good looking, immaculate dress sense, full of confidence, well educated, all the men in her life have let her down, now concentrating on her career in the media
  • Lucy Blackwell - 31, Brian & Julie’s youngest daughter, overweight at the start of play but has slimmed down considerably and looks lovely (suggest remove padding) by end of play, married without children, bit of an emotional wreck, does not always hit it off with her mum, loves her dad beyond question
  • Pam Stanbrook ­- 67, neighbour & friend, shabbily dressed and poorly groomed, does not stop talking, real bore, although there is something about her one can’t help liking, slightly slow in picking up on what’s going on, bit of a ‘busybody’
  • Jessica Findlay - 47, Brian’s new lady friend, very attractive with a good figure, painfully shy, kind and considerate, well spoken, getting over the break-up of her marriage

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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