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Moon Quest

    by John Waterhouse


Comedy Play Script: 'Moon Quest!' by John Waterhouse

Gabi Starlet, ace pilot and intrepid spacewoman, is sent to Mars to try to find the lost space explorer Steve Morris. Though this is a dangerous mission into the unknown, it appeals to Gabi’s adventurous spirit. After crash landing, Gabi finds herself a prisoner of a strange race called the Curians who run a police state on one of the moons of Mars. It turns out Mars has three moons which cannot be seen from earth which are all in conflict with each other.

Gabi is interrogated by the villainous Dieson and persuades his assistant Lighcra (who comes from a subjugated race called the Dubians) to help her escape. Together, they cross the dangerous Badlands on a stolen Air-bike until they reach a jungle inhabited by the Feisters, an Amazonian tribe of rebel warriors led by the intimidating Nubia. At first it seems there are no men amongst them but to Gabi’s annoyance, it turns out that Steve Morris has not been lost at all but simply living a luxurious existence as an honoured male amongst the Feisters. 

Steve is well settled into his jungle lifestyle but Gabi eventually forces him to realise he has a duty to join her struggle to free the moon of Curia from an evil, oppressive regime. Lighcra leads Gabi and Steve back across the Badlands to Curio city. The plan is to sneak into the city and create enough mayhem to enable the Feisters to break in and start an insurrection. On their journey, they encounter Hector the Hermit who helpfully sells them Curian outfits. Now looking the part, Steve has cold feet about getting involved in a dangerous uprising but Gabi is determined there will be no turning back.


(4m, 7f or 2m, 4f with doubling)

  • Gabi Starlet -a spacewoman from Earth (f)
  • Lighcra -a Dubian slaver worker (f)
  • Dieson - the Curian base leader (m)
  • Navada - a Curian slave hunter (f)
  • Steve Morris - a spaceman from Earth (m)
  • Utilitan - a slave turned into a robot(f)                                           
  • Nubia - leader of the free Curians; the Feisters (f)                                       
  • Spandexa - a Feisterwarrior (f)
  • Hector - a hermit (m)                                            
  • The Vodge - a mutant creature (m)                                    
With doubling
  • Steve/Vodge
  • Dieson/Hector
  • Nubia/Utilitan
  • Lighcra/Base Commander
  • Navada/Spandexa

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