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A Phoenix Rising

    by Tony Layton


Drama Play Script: 'A Phoenix Rising' by Tony LaytonWhat happens in a society that has lost its way and is in a state of civil unrest? What if certain people with influence decided to help create and promote the idea of a new messiah? Modern technology with all its creativity can produce images which could convince the most ardent sceptic, so why shouldn't a troubled church organisation harness it for its own ends?

Maria Christie produces a son who, she claims, is the issue of a virgin birth. She tells the story of her son’s rise to power and reveals for the first time to a newspaper hack how the scam was carried out.

However, what could be the biggest scoop of the century for the reporter has to remain a close secret for fear of retribution from what have become the fanatical followers of the new messiah.

An intriguing play for our time, looking at decline of the established churches, the decline in social standards of behaviour and the resulting ease with which the beliefs of the masses can be manipulated.

It can be played by a large cast (4m, 3f principals with up to 20m, 13f support) or many of the supporting roles can be doubled/trebled etc as necessary bringing the cast size down to a more manageable 8m, 6f.


Principals (4m, 3f)
  •   Joe Solomons - a reporter
  •   Maria Christie - mother of Julian, aka Peter
  •   Young Maria Christie - between 18 and 30-40
  •   Bill - becomes Maria’s partner
  •   Louise - Archbishop of Canterbury
  •   Thomas - Archbishop of York (also plays Thug 3)
  •   Peter / Male Nurse - no dialogue to speak for either role
Support (4m, 3f)
  Martin Crisp - a photographer / Thug 2
  Agent - a PR man / Male Admirer 2 / Quiz Man 2 / Crowd 2 / Judge
  Male Admirer 1 / Quiz Man 1 / Vicar / Thug 1 / Reporter / Gunman 2 / Mr James
  Male Admirer 3 / Quiz Man 3 / Husband / Director (TV) / Gunman 1
  Woman 1 / Doctor / Crowd 1 / Jane (TV journalist) / Fiona (TV reporter)
  Woman 2 / Beth (a northern barmaid) / Patient 1 / Crowd 3 / Newsreader
  Dr Freeman - a psychologist / Patient 2 / Crowd 4

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