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A Word For Mother

    by Tim McArthur


Drama Play Script: 'A Word For Mother' by Tim McArthur

'A Word for Mother' is the journey of Pru and her three daughters: Faith, Hope and Charity. The play takes place in Pru’s kitchen between 2009 and 2017. Each of the sisters is returning to the family home after the sad passing of Pru, to be reunited and share their grief. At the start there is an air of tension between them and through their individual grief the hidden tensions are heighten.

The play switches between the present day and flashbacks, as each of the characters recalls a particular emotional and revealing conversation they remember having with their mum. These individual reflections reveal secrets, hidden feelings and rivalries between the sisters, and, what has been hidden by Pru over the years begin to emerge. These dark secrets threaten to tear the sister’s relationships apart forever. 

This is a play for women about women, about sisterly relationships and motherly love. How often does the apple fall from the tree? 



  • Pru - 60s, honest, caring, loving, strong and dependable, Charity, Faith and Hope’s mother, Hector and Oli’s Grandmother, married to honest, reliable Trevor (her second husband in his 60s)
  • Charity - 40s, Pru’s daughter, children’s lawyer, single, driven, strong, focused, and dedicated, slightly cold, can come across as angry, her attention is very much on her job, wealthy, Trevor’s stepdaughter
  • Faith - 30s, Pru’s daughter, school teacher, loving, honest, caring, married to determined estate agent James (30s), mother to twins Hector and Oli, Trevor’s stepdaughter
  • Hope - 20s, Pru and Trevor’s daughter, Charity and Faith's stepsister, hopeful, honest, caring and fun
  • Winnie - 70s, Pru’s next door neighbour, good friends for over 20 years, well-being, maybe even a tad nosey, caring and protective; unseen, and has only ten lines, all spoken offstage.

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