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Antigone: Through The Ages

    by Sophocles, adapted by Reiner Prochaska

Drama Play Script: 'Antigone: through the ages' by Reiner Prochaska


Civil Strife. Sibling Rivalry. Grief. Mourning. Honour. Love... and Death. 

This story traces the journey of Antigone from Germany in 1631 to Maryland in 1862, to Ireland in 1923, and finally to a current-day Mediterranean kingdom, where her uncle, the new king, has forbidden—on pain of death—the funeral of her brother, who attacked the kingdom with the help of foreign allies. Antigone defies her uncle and is caught burying her brother with her bare hands in the sands of the desert battlefield. 

Although the new king is reluctant to execute his niece, he must assert his authority and restore order in his kingdom to avert further bloodshed and to revive economic prosperity. 

Framed in the structure of a traditional Greek drama, ‘Antigone: Through the Ages’ deconstructs the timeless themes of Sophocles’ original to reconstruct them in the context of historical and contemporary events to illuminate the universality of its story and remind us of the human tragedies of our own time. 


120 mins approx


(3m, 4f)

  • Antigone - 20-35, an idealistic, courageous young woman
  • Male Chorus #1- 45-60, ‘The Patriarch’
    Cormac O’Creaven - a Lieutenant Commandant in the Irish National Army
    The Uncle - King of a Mediterranean Desert Kingdom                
  • Male Chorus #2 - 30-50, ‘The Pragmatist’ 
    George Kühlewein - a tavern owner and politician in Magdeburg
    Zachary - a farmer in Sharpsburg, Maryland
    Dan Graham - a corporal on the Irish National Army
    Ali Bin Ibrahim - the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
    Guard - a warden in the kingdom’s State Prison                                                              
  • Male Chorus #3 - 25-35, ‘The Idealist’ 
    Union Captain - an officer in the army of the United States of America
    Harbin O’Creaven - a lieutenant in the Irish National Army
    The Cousin - a prince in a Mediterranean Desert Kingdom
  • Female Chorus #1- 40-60, ‘The Nurturer’
    Aunt Katharina - an elderly spinster
    Martha - the wife of a Sharpsburg farmer
    Biddy Macneill - an Irish healer and prophetess
    The Aunt - the Queen of a Mediterranean Desert Kingdom                                              
  • Female Chorus #2- 30-50, ‘The Advocate’ 
    Hannah Curran - an Irishwoman living in County Kerry
    Sharon Cohen - women’s rights advocate                       
  • Female Chorus #3 - 25-40 ‘The Onlooker’
    Isolde - an opportunistic young woman in Magdeburg
    The Sister - a princess in a Mediterranean Desert Kingdom 

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