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Dr Freud Will See You Now, Mrs Hitler


Drama Play Script: 'Dr Freud Will See You Now, Mrs Hitler' by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

This play belongs to the ‘alternate history’ genre, where historical stories are rewritten based on the question “What if?" The genre imagines the alternative path an historical period might have taken if matters took a different course.  

As a boy, Adolf Hitler suffered from a psychological crisis due to the violent behaviour his customs officer father displayed towards him, and for other family reasons. When the child entered the stage of psychological disturbance, the district doctor suggested that his mother, Klara, should take him to a psychiatric clinic for children opened recently by the well-renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in Vienna. The father refused and the boy Adolf Hitler didn't go to Dr Freud for treatment.

The story of Hitler’s psychological illness as a boy and the suggestion of going to Dr Freud's clinic is a historical fact. This play starts from this factual point and then diverges to an alternate history where the boy went with his mother to the clinic. The plot revolves around whether Dr Freud would be capable of saving this young patient, and humanity with him.

One of history’s ironies is that Adolf Hitler met Freud in Vienna’s cafés before World War I. Hitler was twenty-four at the time, miserable and looking for work. Josef Stalin Leon Trotsky were fugitive revolutionaries hiding away from Tsarist Russia in Vienna while the Yugoslav leader Josip Tito was also there. All of them frequented the same cafés in central Vienna, and there are documented coincidences that led Hitler and Stalin to be in the same café, as well as Hitler and Freud, without the latter having a chance to treat the young Hitler and save the world. Thus, Hitler escaped Dr Freud twice, and humanity lost an opportunity for security and peace.

Extracted from ‘Ahram Online’ (


(6m, 3f, 1m/f)

Principals (3m, 2f)

  • Sigmund Freud - ages from 40 to 80 (using same actor), the father of psychoanalysis
  • Adolf Hitler - ages from 8 to 45 (using same actor), the father of National Socialism
  • Anna Freud - ages from 13 to 40 (using same actor), the mother of child psychoanalysis and Freud's daughter, a calm serious woman
  • Martha Freud - ages from 40 to 80 (using same actor), the wife of the father of psycho-analysis
  • Colonel Rothmeyer - 30s, an SS Officer

Support (min of 3m, 1f, 1m/f)

  • Klara Hitler - 30s, Adolf's mother
  • Alois Hitler - 50s, Hitler's father
  • Otto Rank - late 20s, Freud's protégé (Doubles with Dr Forster & Bookshop Customer)
  • Carl Jung - mid-30s, Freud's colleague and rival (Doubles with Beck & Bookshop Assistant)
  • Dr Forster - 30s, a civilian hospital doctor (Doubles with Otto & Bookshop Customer)
  • Major Beck - 40s, a military doctor (Doubles with Jung & Bookshop Assistant)
  • Dr Bloch - any age, the Hitlers' GP, a sympathetic doctor of Jewish origin (m/f)
  • Bookshop Assistant - any age, (Doubles with Jung & Beck, but could be female)
  • Bookshop Customer - any age, (Doubles with Otto & Dr Forster, but could be female)
  • An ensemble of non-speaking SS troopers, nurses and hospital patients (Klara, Alois & Bloch etc)

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