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Head And Heart

    by Paul Greenwood


Drama Play Script: 'Head And Heart' by Paul Greenwood

The play is an exploration of the power dynamic between the artist and what they create. 
Eve is a writer who is struggling with ideas and the ever-present problem: ‘where and how to start.’ She begins by bringing characters on to the stage/page and attempting to make them interact in some way so that she can create a story. She tries various scenarios but nothing works.   

The play explores the struggles, conflicts, and surprising twists in the art of storytelling. Eve's attempts to make her characters interact becomes a comedic struggle, with the characters themselves chiming in with suggestions and opinions that lead to complications. 

Each character represents an aspect of Eve’s own personality and they try to encourage Eve to dig into her past and uncover a deeply suppressed secret which is a blocking her creativity. 

We’re later introduced to Evelyn, Eve's nemesis, alter ego, conscience, and teacher who takes on the role of the guiding force attempting to steer Eve in the right creative direction. She is the ‘Head’ to Eve’s ‘Heart’. The 'battle' between Eve and Evelyn is a captivating tug-of-war, as the characters sway between supporting one or the other.  

Early on in the play a gun is introduced. One of the rules of drama is that if gun is brought on stage, it must be used. 


(1m, 4f)

  • Eve - a playwright, struggling both with ideas and the writing process
  • Helen - a character in Eve’s play
  • Adela - a character in Eve’s play
  • Tom - a character in Eve’s play
  • Evelyn - a character in Eve’s play, Eve’s nemesis, alter ego, conscience, and teacher

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