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Love In Vain In Love

    by Gillian Hiscott


Drama Play Script: 'Love In Vain In Love' by Gillian Hiscott

The story is held together by Gus, an airline pilot. The main character is the teacher, Vera who is in control of a school for girls where life lessons must be learnt connected with understanding the natural environment.  

Enter on the scene the comically self-absorbed Neville who, in the guise of a workman proceeds to expose the nature of Vera's teaching. The girls at the school talk as a single identity, with the exception of Erica, who repeats words and phrases 

The four girls, Rhosea, Petra, June and Erica flock to Neville as an attractive proposition. Neville and Vera engage in a game to prove supremacy. 

Gus brings Vera letters from the girl's parents, which Vera destroys.  It becomes clear that Vera finds Erica a threat.  This is born out when Erica makes a move on the game.  

Vera then makes an attempt to find out more about Erica.  The girls in turn perform a piece in turn and when it is Erica's turn, she suddenly blossoms, to Vera's horror.  

Neville and Erica fall in love but this is short lived as Vera destroys Erica's growing powers by an operation on her throat which destroys her vocal chords so that she can only echo the last words spoken by other.  When Neville discovers this he is distraught and drowns himself in the lake outside. However the surreal nature of the piece brings them all alive and well and back on stage.

The play contains a number of sung music and dance opportunities.


2m, 5f

  • Gus - airline pilot
  • Vera - teacher
  • Petra
  • Rhosea
  • June
  • Erica 
  • Neville

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