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    by Janet Shaw

Drama Play: 'Revenge' by Janet Shaw


Four friends, four phobias. Amelia is agoraphobic, Corrine has severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, Petra is claustrophobic, and Nigel has a morbid fear of clowns. They met whilst in therapy and went on to form a support group headed up by psychiatrist Dr Malstrom. Over time they have become good friends and formed an unbreakable bond, or so it seems.

They meet once a week to discuss books. On the surface everything seems fine but there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every human being. One is the persona people are allowed to see; the other is the side that is kept hidden. There are secrets left untold, secrets buried so deep they have festered, multiplied and turned into a raging fire that no amount of water can extinguish. 

These secrets are about to be revealed. Revenge is the feeding of a searing hunger that crosses time and cultures. Revenge is as old as humanity. Dark and dramatic and occasionally endless.  For one person that hunger is about to be appeased but sometimes the end is merely the beginning.


1m, 3f, 1m/f

  • Amelia - 35-45
  • Nigel - any age
  • Petra - any age
  • Corinne - any age
  • Dr Malstrom - any age (m/f)

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