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Soul Without End

    by Martin Paul Roche


Drama Play Script: 'Soul Without End' by Martin Roche

It is 1940 and a young French woman and her uncle have escaped the ravages of the second world war and the destruction of their tiny village. Fleeing the atrocities and the death and loss of all they hold dear, they find themselves in the remains of Chateaux Tatar.

It is inhabited by the last remaining member of the family who owned it. But they also find it is the home of a small group of soldiers from apparently different sides who appear to be seeking refuge from … what?

They soon come to realise that with the chateaux, its owner and the soldiers, there are many unanswered questions … and secrets. 

Old secrets. Dark secrets. Secrets which, as they are disclosed, will shake their relationship, their faith and all they hold dear. More importantly, secrets which will challenge their understanding of good and of evil; of life and death, of love … and of Chateaux Tatar.

And finally, they discover that it is not only people who have memories. So do places. And the reasons are darker, much darker than they could possibly ever think.

This play is also available in a collection of four of Martin's plays: 'Life, Love, Loss & Laughter, Volume 1'. 


(6m, 2f)

  • Older Paulette - 50 or older, composed, dignified, passionate, elegant
  • Younger Paulette - 20s, fiery, passionate, questioning, inquisitive, attractive
  • Captain Howard - 30/50, British Army Officer, English, well-spoken but not overly so; more educated, articulate
  • Claude - 25-35, good natured/humoured, strong, balanced, attractive
  • Antoine - 25/30, the voice of reason, uncomplicated and honest
  • Klaus - 20-60, an ordinary German soldier who changes to become a dark, foreboding, acolyte of the Captain
  • Geneux - 20-60, an ordinary French soldier who changes to become a dark, foreboding, acolyte of the Captain
  • Carter - 20-60, an ordinary British soldier who changes to become a dark, foreboding, acolyte of the Captain

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