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Glimpse Due Solace

    by James Johnson


Drama Play Script: 'Glimpse Due Solace' by James JohnsonAnother of James Johnson's emotionally-charged stories of interlinking loves and lives. Twelve characters find themselves inextricably associated with one, two or more of the other eleven. Their words and actions change points of view, partners and destinies.

A trainspotter attempts to coax a suicidal bride-to-be off a railway track and ends up marrying her; a portrait photographer cajoles his mute model to reveal to him her innermost secret; a pregnant woman is held captive by a girl who wants her baby; an adult film competition winner is made an offer he can't refuse; two alcoholics who have just robbed an off-license try to reconcile themselves to an unwanted by-product of their actions, and a psychiatrist whose latest patient has burnt his own eyes out for a sin that he's not been properly punished for.

Six stories about love and loss, crime and punishment - all improbably about to collide and intersect. The play develops and explores each of these six situations once in each act, and each of the twelve scenes generally starts with a 'flash-forward' - the use of about five lines from the end of the scene - a device which intriguingly whets the appetite for that which then follows.

'Glimpse due Solace' explores the way love and guilt manifest themselves inside human relationships: the flowering and de-flowering; the living and dying, shouting and crying. Are love and guilt insistent? Always. Are they persistent? Occasionally. Are they consistent? Never.


(7m, 5f)
Patrick - 27, a photographer
Solace - 20, a model, mute (almost a non-speaking role)
Robert - 44, a man with AIDS
David - 23, a competition winner
Samantha - 20, nearly a bride
Tom - 22, a trainspotter
Kate - 20, a girl with a soon-to-be-born baby
Emily - 21, a girl with a gun
Tim - 25, a guy with bandaged eyes
Emma - 32, a psychologist
Mickey - 26, an alcoholic with a secret
Eddie - 26, an alcoholic with a gun

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