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    by James Johnson

'in' ... the difference between fidelity and infidelity


Drama Play Script: 'In' by James JohnsonTwelve scenes unfold around six people in a seedy British hotel or motel room. Marcus is confused. His wife, Francine, has given him the cold shoulder, and thinking this means she is having an affair, he has hired Billy, a private investigator to check up on her. Frustrated by the lack of a love life at home he plucks up the courage to use the services of a prostitute (Colette), but suffers guilt and nervousness and indecision once he gets to meet her.

Billy is a homosexual but his professional life forces him into contact with prostitutes, who as a group in his private life he despises, blaming them for the death of his mother. In reality, he is a psycho who photographs and videos women before he kills them. He hires Cici, whom he knows has slept with Marcus because he has video'd their session together. He tries to understand her motives, but has 'fallen' for his client, Marcus, and she seems likely to be his next victim.

Francine is having an affair - with her lover Christian, who is also her Doctor. Professionally he has some bad news for her. He confirms that she has a brain tumour and that she will soon die. Why though hasn't she told Marcus of her illness? She has an insatiable appetite and demands that she and Christian make love, but he finds the idea now rather distasteful and leaves.

Using the pretext of calling at the wrong room and thinking that she was a prostitute, Billy gets to briefly meet Francine both as part of his investigation and also because she is the person whose infidelity has upset the man he loves. Christian returns a few minutes later to retrieve his forgotten mobile phone, and discovers Billy just about to leave.

Francine persuades Christian to stay and tries to blackmail him into raping her ... "I'm going to die in six months, and I want to experience as much as possible in the time I have left" ... "I'm talking about going through pain to prepare myself for what will be ten times worse" ... He though is now thoroughly disgusted, and finishes with her. Francine is still determined to make love and goes out of the room with all her cash to find and buy a man. She enters with Billy who asks her the last question in the play ... "Can I take your photograph?".


(3m, 3f)
Colette - 29, a prostitute, American
Marcus - 47, a lawyer
Cici - 22, a prostitute, from the North of England
Billy - 30, private investigator, european
Francine - 37, a journalist
Christian - 31, a doctor

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