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Mansfield Park (Hiscott)

    by Jane Austen, adapted by Gillian Hiscott 

Drama Play Script: 'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen adapted by Gillian Hiscott


An adaptation for the stage of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.

Society assistance is offered to the daughter of a titled lady's sister.  The introverted and frightened Fanny Price is introduced to her cousins, Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram and another aunt, Mrs. Norris.  We follow Fanny's progress as she falls in love with her cousin Edmund and becomes indispensable to her Aunt Bertram.  

Sir Thomas' absence from the family induces some relaxation amongst his children to the extent that they begin to indulge in a theatre play for their own amusement.  To Edmund's initial dismay, they include the involvement of visitors to the neighbourhood, Mary and Henry Crawford.  Fanny is forced to witness Edmund's infatuation with high society lady Mary and saddened at Henry's flirtation with her cousins, especially Maria, who is engaged to be married to Mr Rushworth. 

Sir Thomas' return puts an end to proceedings, and the play and flirtations are clearly at an end. Plans are able to go ahead for the wedding of Maria and Mr Rushworth.  Henry turns his attention onto Fanny but falls in love with her and she is alarmed to receive a proposal of marriage from him. To her uncle's dismay, she refuses.  Disappointed Henry elopes with Maria Bertram.  

Edmund, surprised with Mary Crawford's response to the scandal discusses the matter with Fanny, and it is seen that he has finally come to the realisation that Fanny is the one he should be with.


4m, 6f

  • Fanny Price - 16-15, sweet and intelligent young girl
  • Sir Thomas Bertram - 40-50, aristocratic man
  • Lady Bertram - 40’s, his pretty but indolent wife
  • Maria Bertram - 18-25, spoilt and beautiful eldest daughter
  • Julia Bertram - 18-25, equally spoilt but not so obviously beautiful
  • Edmund Bertram -20-25, studious and serious
  • Mary Crawford - 20-25, Society Lady, sparkling and intelligent
  • Henry Crawford - 20-30, flirtatious and insincere
  • Mrs Norris - 45+, sister to Lady Bertram, self-important and obsequious
  • Mr Rushworth - 25-40, comically stupid, Maria's fiancé

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