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    by Tim McArthur


Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Clean'' by Tim McArthur

Most gay men have quite complex personalities, insecurities, acceptance issues in society, commitment issues in relationships and levels of parental guilt. How does this affect them in their search for the perfect partner?

Stephen is relatively new to London, very comfortable with his sexuality, he has a warm heart, and is looking for love with a man who is completely honest.  Even though he is in his early 20's he is quite mature for his age. He has a very close-tight relationship with his mum who lives in the North east of England. They speak at least 2 or 3 times a day. His best friend Sally has lost her way a little in life and looks to Stephen for guidance and support. Stephen strives and dreams of building himself a successful life as a photographer. One night out in Soho, Stephen meets a handsome older man called Jeremy who has all the potential qualities in love he has been seeking. Jeremy is older, appears sorted and content in his life. Their relationship blooms and grows, but as it continues a darkness begins to show.

Jeremy distances Stephen from his relationships with his mother and Sally. He becomes increasing jealous of Stephen's new life as a photographer and his new friendship with Carlos. The jealousy intensifies with frightening results. 

Who has final control of the situation? Where does that insecurity come from? How far do you go to keep the power?


(3m, 3f)

  • Stephen - 24, Northern, gay guy, fanciable, optimistic, romantic, out going, loves living in London, wants to be a photographer
  • Jeremy - mid 40s, lived in London for a long time, owns his own independent florists, successful, outwardly confident, needs love and looking after, insecure, jealous and possessive
  • Sally - 24, blonde, fun loving, slightly lost in the world, confused and at a crossroads in her life
  • Jane - 50, Stephen’s Mother, Northern, loves her son to pieces, some may say overprotective, great heart and sense of humour, only ever seen through Skype link
  • Carlos - 25, Brazilian, photographer, becomes friendly with Stephen, confident, handsome gay guy
  • Daisy - late 60s, resides in a care home, has dementia and memory loss, immaculate, demanding 

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