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Dark Rhapsody

    by Norman Robbins


Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Dark Rhapsody'' by Norman Robbins

When their father wrote Rhapsody as a gift to his musician daughters, Melissa and Serena, he could never have dreamt what fame it would bring them and also what that fame would do to their family.

After a nightmare accident that wiped out most of the Dark family, cellist Serena Dark, meets and marries Dr Conrad Lee.  Together with her fragile mother, Andrea, and her mother’s carer, Ruth, they take up residence with Conrad’s forthright mother, Estelle, in Wiltshire. 

Their idyll, however is shattered by the arrival of Serena’s long-divorced ex-husband, William, who wants her to help him write a biography of the world-famous musicians.  When she refuses even to see him, her nightmare begins again, for William vanishes, and as his new partner Janet and his agent, Stephen attempt to find him, his body turns up some miles away, possibly a victim of a hit and run. 

As if this is not enough, another death occurs and DCI Allison and DS Manners find themselves at the centre of a very tangled mystery.

This intriguing play will keep audiences guessing until the final curtain.  A veritable tour-de-force.


(3m, 5f, 2m/f)

  • Dr Conrad Lee
  • Estelle (Essie) Lee
  • Serena Lee
  • Andrea Dark
  • Ruth Moody
  • Janet Tasker
  • William Parsons
  • Stephen Thompson
  • Detective Chief Inspector Allison (m/f)
  • Detective Sergeant Manners (m/f)

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