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Murder Weekend

    by Frank Williams


Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Murder Weekend' by Frank Williams

A newly married couple have just taken over an old country house which they plan to run as an hotel. They await their first guests, a group who have booked the hotel in order to play a murder game in which they re-enact a true murder from the past.

On arrival, they appear to be a highly eccentric bunch of people, yet when they begin their re-enactment, the characters seem to be much more normal and real. It soon becomes clear to the hotel owner that there is more to the weekend than just a game. The group have a purpose in their re-enactment, but what is it?

As the weekend progresses we are led to wonder whether there was a miscarriage of justice in that murder case twenty years ago. If there was, is someone present that weekend… the true murderer perhaps, who got away with it all those years ago?

The surprise ending reveals the truth, though not the truth that anyone had been expecting when they set out to begin their murder weekend.

The play is set in the l950s with a re-enactment which takes place twenty years earlier in the l930's although other time periods are possible.


(4m, 3f)

  • Mark Pendleton - mid 40s although he looks younger, attractive
  • Laura Pendleton - 30s, Mark's wife, an attractive woman, considerably younger than her husband
  • Herbert Hardacre - mid 50s, bald, perhaps a little eccentric, possessed of a pleasant, easy manner
    (NOTE: It’s important to the plot that he is a tall man)
  • Evadne Fraphampton - early 20s, forthright and definite in all she says and does
  • Marjorie Twiss - an elderly woman, rather old fashioned, kind and gentle
  • Julian Cholmondley-Davenport - mid 40s, has a beard, rather military and brusque, very upright, a straightforward no-nonsense type
  • Graham Verrall - 20s, a young man, tall and good looking

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