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Poetic Justice

    by Ron Hutson

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Poetic Justice' by Ron Hutson


This is a murder mystery which could include audience participation if required.

A family gathering is taking place to say farewell to the famous authoress Dillys Pettigrew who is retiring through ill health. All her friends are gathered including a close friend D.C.I. Matthews. Cards are read out and among them is a poem which when read causes Dillys such pain that she dies of a heart attack. Clearly it is something from her past which she would rather not be reminded of.

What was in the poem and who sent it?  D.C.I. Matthews tries to find the answer but his enquiries lead to the suspect covering their tracks with two murders.

There is a solicitor present and members of the family. They are all concerned obviously with Dillys` will. Amongst them are her brother Pete and his wife Mary, Dillys husband Bert and sister Violet with her son David and his girlfriend Penelope.

This is a large cast to allow for more suspects.


(5m, 5f, 1m/f)

  • Dilys Pettigrew -Authoress
  • Bert - husband
  • Pete Benson - brother
  • Mary Benson - sister-in-law
  • Violet Benson - sister
  • David Benson - son
  • Penelope Howard - David’s girlfriend
  • Alfred Coiley - solicitor
  • Sally Winter - personal assistant
  • DCI Matthews
  • Sergeant (m/f)

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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