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Stolen Identity

    by Ron Hutson

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

Thriller Mystery Play Script: 'Stolen Identity' by Ron Hutson


The action begins immediately with a burglar Harry Palmer being caught out by the house holder Linda Mansfield who threatens him with a gun.

Conversation between them eventually shows that they both have hidden agendas, Linda means to use the situation for her own ends but it comes back on her when Harry has other plans too. He plays her at her own game pretending he and Linda are old friends much to her husband Bernard`s anger who suspects him of having an affair with Linda.

A neighbour Ann Doherty is much taken with Harry which complicates things for all of them.

The action heats up at a barbecue with several guests each contributing to the motive behind Harry being there in the first place. Was he more than a burglar or had he other reasons for being there at the start. Tempers flare and one member of the party ends up dead. Who did it? And why was another mysterious person Stephen Wells suddenly there? Did he do it, and if so why?

Inspector Perrin has to solve the crime. Will Linda admit to her involvement and land Harry in it or has Harry other plans. A dramatic twist sees Harry running for his life but more revelations come out as the murderer is discovered.

Who really was Harry Palmer? 


(5m, 5f, 1m/f)

  • Harry Palmer
  • Linda Mansfield
  • Ann Doherty
  • Police Constable - (m/f)
  • Bernard Mansfield
  • Jane Leggett
  • Bett
  • Michelle
  • Terry Leggett
  • Stephen Wells
  • Inspector Perrin

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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