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The Constant Corpse

    by Norman Robbins


Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'The Constant Corpse' by Norman Robbins

The model agency Bodypartz has arranged a country hotel party for its clients to make a surprise announcement.  All the models are bewildered when their agent fails to appear and shocked when Tarquin (the dead body model) decides to liven up proceedings. 

The police, called away from their wedding party celebrations, are not amused with Tarquin’s antics but soon find themselves dealing with a real body but not Eulalie Ffinch the head of the Bodypartz agency, whom they first believe it to be, but one of the agency’s clients.  Eulalie has been found unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs in London and is in hospital in a coma, did her client attempt to murder her and commit suicide in a fit of remorse? 

The despised head of a rival agency arrives at the hotel to inform the models she has bought out Bodypartz and the models now work for her.  There is disbelief all round,

Tarquin this time doesn’t have to feign death as he really does meet his end, and a maid commits suicide before the police discover deception and fraud.  They make an arrest.  But is it all what it seems, with a final twist at the end, the real murderer and their motive is revealed?                           

This light-hearted mystery play will capture the audience’s attention until the final curtain.


(3m, 4f, 2m/f)

  • Tarquin Prendergast
  • Simon Tolliver
  • Rose Phoenix
  • James Wetherby
  • Tootsie Harrison
  • Zandi  Luxor
  • Lydia McGlenn
  • Detective Inspector Butterfield - early 50s (m/f)
  • Detective Sergeant Cross - 30s (m/f)

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