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The Death Of Me

    by Christine Foster

"Christine Foster combines the knack of believable characters and repartee with an Agatha Christie type murder mystery."
Joe Matyas, The London Free Press


Murder Mystery Play Script: 'The Death Of Me' by Christine FosterWhat happens when you find yourself suddenly dead with no idea how it happened? How can you move on? Shelley and Paul, a happily married couple, were both in perfect health up to the very last - unremembered - moments of their lives - so what happened? Were they murdered? If so the murderer must be one of their closest friends. And, if so, the murderer is still down there and may strike again. Voices in the Limbo give them permission to go back and relive the night of the mysterious events with the proviso that they can change nothing... only observe. 

In a briskly comic combination of real time and 'stop action', Paul and Shelley return and hunt for answers, dissecting the evening as it happened. Their friends arrive to celebrate their new business venture - a recently renovated country inn – and as each conversation is analysed and each heart searched for deadly secrets they quickly begin to appear: Shelly’s best friend Meg has unspoken desires... for Shelley. Shelley has been hiding depression and may have been suicidal, much as she tries to deny it. Gordie, Paul’s best friend and the Inn’s new chef, is engaged to a much younger woman with a compulsive passion of the occult – and an ambition for Gordie to become sole owner of the Inn. And why has Gordie planned a surprise dinner of sashimi of Fugu, the lethal Japanese puffer fish? Meanwhile it becomes clear that Shelley and Gordie have a secret all their own.

As the clock ticks toward the time of their deaths, Paul and Shelley frantically compare their theories and discoveries until it’s obvious that everyone had a motive. 

Suddenly it's time for Shelly to die again, finally and for real, and when she does, Paul begins to unravel. His death is due in a few minutes, and now he's alone and panicking. Or wait... is Shelley still there somewhere? And is she helping, or just watching? Or is she even dead?

As events grow darker, suspense and laughter are mixed until the surprising revelation that even though they have both been forbidden to change the past - one of them is about to try to.

The twists and turns and light-hearted wit of this comic murder mystery will keep the audience guessing with a smile on their face.


(2m, 3f)

  •   Paul - 50s, a lawyer
  •   Shelly - 50, Paul's wife, a secondary school English teacher
  •   Meg - 50, Shelly's best friend, a secondary school science teacher, recently divorced
  •   Gordie 50, Paul’s closest friend, engaged to Joanne, a chef
  •   Joanne 20s, an unsophisticated young woman obsessed with the occult

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