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The Hidden Host

    by Ron Hutson

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

Murder Thriller Drama Play Script: 'The Hidden Host' by Ron Hutson


A ghostly thriller with a murder on the first page but no sign of victim. Is she hidden in the rented cottage? Secret doorways and ghostly voices lead to discovery of the evil deed. Will the tenants be safe?

A murder occurs in the rented cottage on the first page and the body is hidden in a secret compartment behind a bookcase. It is the body of the owner Wendy Bishop. It is too dark to see the perpetrator. The cottage is rented 2 years later by husband and wife Daphne and Steve Bewers.

Strange things occur during their stay, voices and falling objects and several people have an interest in what became of the owner of the property. Two of them are neighbours, a husband and wife, a third Chris Devlin was obsessed with the owner of the house and is still hoping she will be found, a third is Mrs Turpin an odd lady who cleans and who is obsessed with the occult, another is Patricia Cousins another former friend of Wendy.

Someone will stop at nothing to prevent the Bewers from finding her to the point of murder.


(4m, 5f)

  • Wendy Bishop - (doubles with Susan Ennals)               
  • Visitor
  • Daphne Sewer                      
  • Steve Sewer
  • Amanda Stafford     
  • Bob Stafford
  • Chris Devlin             
  • Mrs Turpin
  • Patricia Cousins                   
  • Susan Ennals (doubles with Wendy Bishop) 

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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