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Three-Quarter Moon

    by Bryan Darby

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Murder Mystery Play: 'Three-Quarter Moon' by Bryan Darby

Laura is preparing a long-overdue family dinner when her friend, Helen, drops in. As they chat, Laura’s husband, Paul, rings to say that he has been called to a meeting and will not be home until the next day. Laura is convinced that there is a woman in the car with him. She reacts angrily and, due to a mysterious gift from a grateful business admirer, she unwittingly places a curse on him.

As Paul will not be present Laura invites Helen to stay for dinner. Then, unexpectedly, Paul does return home. He has been badly injured in a car accident but he refuses to go to hospital, so Helen, who is a nurse, treats his injuries then leaves. Paul admits that he has been having an affair and was actually in the process of leaving with the other woman when the accident happened. The tension builds and fight ensues, leaving Laura at Paul’s mercy.

Helen returns to find Laura unconscious and badly beaten. Despite her injuries, Laura stubbornly refuses to cancel the evening. Later, when the other guests ― Laura’s brother, Robert, and his wife, Jane ― arrive, Laura insists that the subject is not discussed during the meal despite the discovery of traces of blood and the loss of a knife.

When the meal is finally over, the police arrive with the news that Paul has been involved in an accident. The mystery continues to deepen and recrimination gives way to realisation and the identity of the other woman is finally revealed.


(2m, 3f, 2m/f)

Principals (2m, 3f, 1m/f)

  • Laura Benson : 30-34, middle class, neat and house-proud
  • Helen Quartermain : 26-30, a Nurse, Laura's light-hearted neighbour
  • Paul Benson : 36-40, Laura's husband, executive type
  • Robert Adler : 36-40, Laura's older brother, easy-going but down-to-earth
  • Jane Adler : 30-35, Robert's wife, a business-woman
  • DS Doyle : 35-45, a self-important police detective, likes to be ‘in charge’ (m/f)

Support (1m/f)

  • DC Watts : 45-55, a down-trodden detective constable, generally fed-up with his/her lot (m/f)

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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