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In The Shadow Of The Mountain

    by Felicity Huxley-Miners


Comedy Drama Play Script: 'In The Shadow Of The Mountain' by Felicity Huxley-Miners

Rob is a guy down on his luck, his girlfriend's left him, he's in a dead end job and he can't really see the point of carrying on. Ellie meets him on a platform and mistakenly thinks he's about to jump in front of a train. 

She hurtles into his life like a force of nature and seems at first to be exactly what he needs to snap him out of his gloomy state. But after the excitement of being invited to spend the night at her flat wears off we quickly see just how warped Ellie's idea of a conventional relationship is. She doesn't want Rob seeing anyone else, the slightest comment could be misconstrued into something huge and she's clearly incredibly insecure in who she is. This is all masked with bravado, false confidence and Ellie trying to use her sexuality as a weapon against Rob. 

He is all too easily manipulated and they start to bring out the worst in each other as this all plays out over an incredibly short time frame for the speed at which their relationship is travelling. One night Ellie pushes him too far after lying about being pregnant and trying to cut him off from everyone positive in his life, causing Rob to leave. 

Ellie is completely unequipped to deal with her own emotions desperately needs Rob back and is prepared to threaten him with ending her own life to do so. In a fit of pique, after being pushed to the absolute limit by her, Rob snaps and tells her to do it then. 

We jump to a year later where the two meet again. Ellie has been seeing someone professional and while they aren't focusing on labelling her Borderline Personality Disorder she is learning how to use strategies and techniques to better regulate her emotions. Rob has also got his life in a better place, the shock of Ellie leading him to make the necessary changes and fight for himself. In a bittersweet, calm ending, they part as friends; accepting they were terribly suited romantically, and both promising to take care of themselves and not make the same mistakes again.


90 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • Ellie 
  • Rob

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