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Robinson, David

David Robinson

David Robinson

David is an actor, a scriptwriter and a director of Searchlight Theatre Company, based in the West Midlands.

He has acted in numerous touring productions for over twenty years including over 200 performances as Professor Screwtape in CS Lewis’ ‘The Screwtape Letters’. 

His book of seasonal sketches Three Wise Men and a Baby was published in 2007. He has since written a number of critically acclaimed full length plays including: ‘Woodbine Willie: Poet and Padre’, ‘Chamberlain: Peace In Our Time’, ‘Would You Adam and Eve It?’, ‘An Angel’s Delight’, ‘Chariot: The Eric Liddell Story’, ‘Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy’ and ‘The Millennium Mysteries’, together with a number of Christmas pantomimes.

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