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Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy

    by David Robinson


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy' by David Robinson

Laurel and Hardy remain one of the most popular comedy double acts of all time. Towards the twilight of their career in the 1950’s they were encouraged to bring a stage show to Great Britain and tour the music halls and theatres. This they did and to their amazement they sold out at every venue.

Their magic on stage is keenly observed in this touching and at times hilarious tribute. Two theatre stagehands scrutinise their friendship, their performances, their struggles their memories of the golden days of Hollywood. Stan and Ollie despite their advancing years, take time to chat to the staff to reminisce with them and to treat them to generous lunch before their final show.

It is a play about friendship, trust and a gentle humour that never grows old. Some of the ‘boys’ best routines from the big screen are included as are some of their much loved songs including ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine’.  

A glimmer of that tangible excitement and awe audiences felt back in the 50’s was re-kindled when two of Hollywood’s biggest and most loved stars strolled to the centre of this local theatre’s stage and just waited for the applause to fade away. One would tussle their hair and the other would twiddle his tie. And the audience would just relax and laugh with friends.

It is not an impersonation of a great double act but an affectionate observation.


60 mins approx



  • Sid Birch : a stagehand (Stan Laurel)
  • Ed Markham : a stagehand (Oliver Hardy)

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