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Rally Cry

    by Paul Adam Levy


Black Comedy Play: 'Rally Cry' by Paul Adam Levy

A one act black comedy about the ease of criticising those in power, promising the impossible, and the difficulties of balancing diplomacy and discipline.

An ambitious secondary school teacher incites the bloody overthrow of a headmaster by promising three department heads everything they desire and claims the school as hers. But when the corpse of the murdered head begins to speak to only her, she soon learns from his counsel that she’s promised the impossible of more funding and lesson time for all. 

In a desperate attempt to cling onto power, the headmistress betrays one department to aid the others, only to kick-start a cruel game of one-upmanship that turns old allies against her. The headmistress now has to deal with the wronged department head who uses her own polices against her and he begins to make grand promises of his own.

Rally Cry is a dark but comedic tale with quick and witty dialogue about seesaw politics and the absurdity of promising better alternatives without the means to deliver.


30 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  • Carroll - 40s, ambitious, well dressed, soon realises she is in over her head
  • Headmaster Penance - 60s, stern, overpowering and a stickler for discipline
  • Joy - 60s, frumpy and weary, the old timer receptionist takes everything in her stride 
  • Mr Swift - 30s, fiery department head of P.E. who has a great passion for the subject   
  • Miss Flowers - 30s, well-spoken and gentle, yet is willing to fight doggedly for her R.E. department
  • Mr Blackburn - 50s, head of English with a powerful demeanour

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