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Mary Christmas

    by Nick Wilkes


Comedy Play Script: 'Mary Christmas' by Nick Wilkes

“Life used to be a weed-filled garden, finger marks on every wall, dust on every surface, too much laundry and vital small plastic toy parts all over the Vicarage. It was lovely, but slowly it changed. The Children grew, the affection receded, I found solace in knitting and online shopping, and slowly submerged in all aspects of Parish life.

I never quite got my figure back after the children, and I think my husband… well, who knows. He certainly seemed more focused on preaching and praying, and helping anyone and everyone with their problems, rather than looking at ours.”

Chasing her childhood telephone number, Mary Winters has found an old red telephone box in the middle of nowhere. Literally the middle, the centre in fact of the British Isles.

She’s taking gifts; an old pipe, a Christmas tree decoration, a small ceramic Loch Ness monster. Childhood memories that she intends to leave behind.

A moment’s silence. An eternity of silence. 

At least it would be if the annoying backpack-wearing, compass-chasing Geordie lass would go away and leave her in peace!

Buried treasure, GPS tracking, and a roman ring all combine to change the fortunes of these two ladies, but will it be a Mary Christmas?

Mary Christmas, a seasonal comedy drama of life’s endings, and new beginnings.


60 mins approx



  • Mary Winters
  • Bulsara Jones

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