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Pig Tale

    by Ron Nicol

Youth Winners2010 SCDA Argyll Kintyre District Festival (Peninver Players DC Juniors)
Best Stage Presentation - 2010 SCDA Western Division Youth Final (Peninver Players DC Juniors)
Best Youth Play  – 2010 Hale Festival (Hyde Little Theatre Youth Group)
Best Junior Production – 2010 Partington Theatre Festival (Hyde Little Theatre Youth Group)
Best Youth Production – 2014 AETF Saltburn Drama Festival (Saltburn ’53 DG Youth)
Winners and Most Promising Junior2014 AETF Hastilow Festival (Abbey Players)
Runners-Up; Adjudicator’s Shield - 2014 AETF Warwickshire One-Act Play Festival (Abbey Players)
Runner-Up - 2014 AETF Eastern Division Quarter-Final(Abbey Players)
Winner – 2015 SCDA Inverclyde District Festival (Greenock Players Youth)
Best Stage Presentation – 2015 SCDA Western Divisional Youth Final (Greenock Players Youth)
Youth Winner and Best Youth Moment of Theatre – 2017 SCDA Fife District Festival (Dalgety Players)
Runner-Up and Best Moment of Theatre – 2017 SCDA Eastern Divisional Youth Final (Dalgety Players)


Comedy Play Script: 'Pig Tale' by Ron Nicol

An over-confident Narrator begins the traditional story, but is interrupted by the Prompter, who has substituted an altered script, which introduces an innocent Little Pig, a criminally inclined Second Pig and a drug-taking Third Pig. Mummy kicks the three pigs out into the big wide world and heads off to the pub. The First Pig leaves to seek a fortune and the Second heads off to sign on.

The Third Pig steals a bundle of straw from a passer-by, but unable to build a house, lies down under the straw. A Sheep enters, pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf, but is sent away by the Narrator. The real Wolf arrives, recites the traditional huffing, puffing and blowing the house down jingle and chases the Third Pig away.

The Narrator resumes the story. The Second Little Pig steals a bundle of sticks from a passer-by, but unable to build a house, props the sticks against a wall. The Sheep again pretends to be the Wolf but is again sent away. The Wolf arrives, recites the rhyme and the Second Pig runs off.

The Narrator picks up the story. The First Pig helps a passer-by to carry some bricks, is given them as a reward, and builds a house complete with several security features. The other Pigs arrive and move in. Following the Sheep and Wolf sequences, the police arrive, arrest the Wolf, and Mummy and the Second and Third Pig take over the house. The First Little Pig becomes a tramp, selling copies of ‘Pig Issue’, but is dismissed by the Narrator.

The Prompter expects congratulations for the changes to the story but is chased round the stage by the furious Narrator as the play ends.


40 mins approx


(1m, 1f, 10m/f)

  • Narrator
  • Prompter
  • First Little Pig
  • Second Little Pig
  • Third Little Pig
  • Mummy Pig
  • The Sheep
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Man or Woman With Straw
  • Man or Woman With Sticks
  • Man or Woman With Bricks
  • Police Officer

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