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Parent's Evening

    by Tom Casling


Comedy Play Script: 'Parents Evening' by Tom Casling

‘Parent's Evening’ is a comedy written with the observations of older children (KS2-3) and explores their own and other people’s expectations of them in an educational setting. The play recounts the reflections of a young boy waiting outside a classroom to receive feedback on his academic performance.  Whilst waiting an insight is gained into his dilemma as he discusses the likely outcome with his brother and two friends on his and their own performance. It is a bit of fun at our expense. The play deals with a lot of the issues that parents, teachers and children have on the current trend to measure the performance of children.

This play was first presented at the Sedgefield Drama Festival where it won Best Play and the lead character won the Best Under 18 Actor award. It has also been used as part of a fund raising eventing at Ouston Community Association.


30 mins approx


(4 jnr-m, 1f)

  • Kieran -10, at primary school
  • George - 14, his brother
  • Olly -  10, Kieran’s classmate and friend
  • Harry  - 10, Kieran’s friend            
  • Teacher - any age, one of Kieran’s teachers (f)

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