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The Fool At Yule

    by Nick Wilkes


Comedy Play Script: 'The Fool At Yule' by Nick Wilkes

"Children. That’s who Christmas is for. A little bit of magic in the darker months. Some fun. Take them to see the pantomime… but DON’T tell them Jesus was a white man, born in a stable, to a virgin mother in December! If such an infant was born, and any such stories hang true, then he was born in June, in a cave, around 7BC!”

Adam has recently retired from the church. He has left his employment before the statutory age. Okay, they asked him to leave. 

After a lifetime of holding services, administering to the parish and guiding his flock, Reverend Adam Weaver has suffered a spectacular marriage crash, a spiritual crisis and has simply lost his faith.

He may have left it in the Vicarage before he moved to his first-floor, one-bedroom, city-centre, open-white flat overlooking the car park. It does have a window box.

With the festive season fast approaching, and a determination to avoid all things Christmas, he has vehemently decided to celebrate the season of Yuletide instead, with all of it’s Pagan, Roman, Saxon, Viking and astronomical influences. To pick apart the mish-mash of midwinter and try to find some peace amongst the seasonal shopping chaos.

And woe-betide anyone who confuses their festive celebrations. Especially his son, Robin. 

A comedy of solstice, logs, wassail and the true meaning of midwinter celebrations.


60 mins approx



  • Adam
  • Robin

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