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Flushed Again

    by Ron Nicol

The sequel to 'Flushed'

One Act Comedy Play Script: 'Flushed Again' by Ron Nicol


It’s Jan’s wedding reception, and Meg, Jan and Tara are taking a break in the Ladies Room. Rivalry between Jan and Tara has simmered since they were at school together, intensified by an encounter some years ago in the same Ladies Room on a singles night. Feelings run high when Jan accuses Tara of spoiling her hen-night party and being previously involved with her new husband Mike. Then Meg discovers that the door to the room is jammed.

Nobody has a phone to call for rescue, and a series of mishaps and misfortunes follow while they wait for someone to find them. Jan suffers a dress malfunction and has to change. She tries to pry open the door with a nail file, only succeeding in breaking her nail. Meg spends her time checking the toilet cubicles to see which ones are working, eventually resorting to banging S-O-S on the cubicle pipes. She sees what she thinks is a rat, which having been ‘killed’ by Tara turns out to be simply a pom-pom.

Then the lights begin to flicker, water drips from the ceiling and puddles appear on the floor. Further exploration of the room leads Jan to sit on a wet chair, stand on something horrendous, step a puddle and get slices of wedding cake between her toes, while Meg gets her foot stuck in a toilet bowl and has to be extricated by Tara.

All seems lost when Jan’s lost phone rings. It’s Mike, letting them know that help is at hand. Rescue is imminent when the lighting fails and the pipes burst, bringing a damp end to their miserable evening. 


40-45 mins approx



  • Meg - plainly dressed, innocent and good natured
  • Jan - fashionable, fiery and short-tempered
  • Tarafashionable, positive and down-to-earth

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