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Four Play

    by Keith Trezise


Comedy Play Script: 'Four Play' by Keith TreziseA ‘fifty-minute-farce’ that sees Gary attempting to seduce the lovely Kate (who he has just met in a pub) in his flat. Things get slightly complicated when Pete, Gary’s work colleague, arrives a week early to move in with Gary whilst he sorts his failing marriage out - especially when it turns out that Kate is Pete’s wife!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Gary’s estranged wife, Claire, arrives for a ‘chat’ with Gary and it is only by sheer luck and boundless energy that Gary keeps everyone apart.

Inevitably though, luck can’t last forever and the whole situation has to be sorted out before things get too out of hand - especially after Claire suspects Gary and Digger of being gay lovers!

‘Four Play’ was written by Keith Trezise as a contrast to his prize-winning drama ‘Duplex’ and both plays can be performed using the same set, making them an ideal double bill.


50 mins (approx)


(1m, 2f)

  • Gary
  • Kate Digsby
  • Pete Digsby (aka ‘Digger’)
  • Claire – Gary’s estranged wife

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