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    by Keith Trezise


Drama Play Script: 'Duplex' by Keith TreziseThis prize-winning drama examines the stresses of modern life and follows Paul Wentworth as he tries to deal with them. It seems that Paul is leading a double life that threatens to ruin his marriage and ruin him financially. When he reaches breaking point it is time to call in the doctor, who suspects a case of schizophrenia.

Things get out of hand when Paul takes Judy, his wife, hostage at knife-point and pleads for others to help him resolve his problems. The tension builds throughout to a dramatic climax that raises a few questions in itself.

The casting is fairly flexible with the part of Doctor Armitage being suitable for a man or a woman. The extras in this play can be given to stage crew who might enjoy the opportunity to get in front of the curtain for just a brief moment.

This play can be performed on the same set as ‘Four Play’ and as such is an ideal partner for it in a double bill should you wish to do one. It won the Little Theatre Guild’s One-Act Play Writing Competition in 1997.


50 mins (approx)


(2m, 2f, 1m/f)

  • Paul
  • Judy
  • Rick
  • Dr Armitage
  • Cathy

 plus Ambulance crew (2 x non-speaking roles)

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