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Murder At The Cathedral

    by Ron Nicol


Comedy Play Script: 'Murder At The Cathedral' by Ron Nicol

The action takes place on the stage of the local theatre. Director Henry King is furious that Cathedral Amateur Dramatic Society haven’t won anything at a drama festival since the defection of leading actor Tom Becket to Priest’s Players, their bitter rivals. Aspiring young actor Toby Barron has hopes of replacing Becket, but doesn’t realise he keeps getting cast simply because he’s the only available male.

Unknown to Henry, Becket left the CADS to escape the amorous attentions of Eleanor, Henry’s glamorous but fast fading wife who insists on playing leading roles despite the presence of Sally Knight, her attractive and much younger rival. The constant squabbles of the two women is tending to split the CADS further, and to make matters worse young stage manager Polly is suspected of poisoning the coffee. If things don’t improve, it could be curtains for CADS.

Following one of Henry’s outbursts, Sally and Toby form an unlikely alliance to do something about it. Tom meets Eleanor and Sally in separate encounters, but neither can persuade him to return to the CADS. Then Toby, disguised in a monk’s robe and hood, confronts him. Becket disappears. Henry becomes a suspect. Did Knight and Barron murder the Priest to please King? Did Polly poison the coffee? Is it curtains for Becket? All is revealed as the final curtain is about to fall - and Tom returns.

Depending on the location of the performing company, Birmingham could be replaced as the costume skip’s destination in the final line.


40 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  • Henry King - authoritarian director; 50+
  • Eleanor King - his glamorous but fading wife; 50+
  • Polly - the young stage manager; 20+
  • Sally Knight - a young and attractive actress; 30+
  • Toby Barron - an aspiring young actor; 20+
  • Tom Becket - everybody’s dream actor; 40+
Ages are not vitally important, providing the relative age-spans are observed.

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