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    by Christopher Owen


Comedy Play Script: 'Recital' by Christopher Owen

Gillian is a concert platform singer in her 40’s, specialising in songs from the shows and popular classics. Trevor is her middle-aged piano accompanist. Gillian is temperamental, highly strung and very difficult to get on with. She is maddened by Trevor who is, in her estimation, repetitive and a complete bore.

They’ve been touring together for years, and this present tour seems to them to have been going on forever.

The comedy is set in Gillian’s 3-star hotel bedroom. She has a performance booked for tonight in a concert hall that’s 150 miles away. She has a sore throat, and if this wasn’t bad enough, last night Trevor got drunk, tripped and broke his wrist! He can no longer play for her! They have to find another pianist urgently.

Trevor phones everyone they know… Vic, Jeremy, Bill, (and even Barry, who Gillian thinks has died) leaving voicemails hither and thither. Gillian draws the line however about asking her husband Gerald to accompany her on the piano as he is apparently having an affair with a harpist. Try as Trevor might, it seems that no one is available or willing to accompany Gillian.

Whilst waiting for return phone calls they reminisce and bicker like an old married couple about the places they’ve toured at home and overseas, the restaurants they’ve been to: the good, the bad and the dreadful.

Trevor doesn’t like silence and launches into an account of meeting his foster mother in later life in Canada, an account Gillian has heard a thousand times before which maddens her.

She is rapidly losing her voice and he does his back in when bending down to retrieve his mobile from the floor, but good news arrives when Vic phones to say he can after all play for Gillian. Trevor is overjoyed. But Gillian now has no voice left with which to sing. Disaster!


35-40 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • Gillian - anywhere between 40-60, a concert platform singer specialising in popular classics and songs from the shows
  • Trevor - middle aged, Gillian’s piano accompanist

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