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A Necessary Death

    by Trevor Smith


Drama Play Script: 'A Necessary Death' by Trevor SmithHelen, an apparently neurotic, pregnant housewife, has recently become widowed following the death of her husband, Sean.  She has discovered a letter from Sean, which she found some months ago, and has read it and is now pondering its contents. What messages has Sean left and how will they affect her? Was the reason for his death linked to the contents of the letter? 

Following Sean’s funeral, the remaining family members reveal their concerns for Helen, especially her older sister, Stella; who appears to be over attentive toward Helen’s circumstances. The family also demonstrates its differences of opinion. This is highlighted by the late arrival of Helen’s younger sister, Kitty; an aspiring actress who appears to have no concept of the feeling of loss that others at the funeral have experienced. Do these family rifts have their origins in the relationship between Helen and Sean or are they born of a deeper, longer held, animosity? Is it truly animosity or is it simply a case of jealousy amongst the three sisters?

Sean’s closest friends are also present and each of them has their own view of the situation. Jeff, a former co-worker and drinking partner, upholds Sean’s reputation whilst his wife, Angela, tries to besmirch his character; why? Mark, a former University colleague of Sean’s, who is now a police officer, appears to be trying to stay as neutral as possible; why? The sisters’ father appears to be rather aloof. Is this because the family disagreements all stem from him?

All these questions are answered during this short, one act drama.


35-40 mins approx


(3m, 4f 1m/f)

  • Helen Lewis - early 30’s, widow 
  • Stella Parker - mid/late 30’s, Helen’s older sister 
  • Kitty Kalowski: - late teens/early20’s, Helen’s younger sister
  • Eric Parker - late 50’s/early 60’s, the sisters’ father 
  • Mark Warren - mid 30’s, a policeman & family friend 
  • Jeff Dunne - mid 30’s, Sean’s best and lifelong friend
  • Angela Dunne - mid 30’s, Jeff’s wife
  • Vicar - any age, optional; the play is unaffected by his/her absence (m/f)
  • Sean Lewis’s voice - voiceover from backstage or CD recorded by a group member

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