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Smith, Trevor

Trevor Smith

Stephen Bean

Trevor has been in and out of Am Dram since appearing as an angel in the school nativity play back in 1957, which was followed by appearances in every school play until he left in 1966. He began writing, mainly poetry and song lyrics, around 1969 and has continued to do so since.

During a four-year period, when working in Saudi Arabia, Trevor co-wrote, directed and performed in a Hospital Radio programme, called T.O.C.S. and, back in the U.K., he set up his own Am Dram group, called S.A.D.G.I.T.S. For this group he co-wrote sketches and Pantomime scripts.

Since 2005, he has been involved with a local group, called Theze Guyz Theatre Company, and assisted by performing in, co-writing, directing and narrating a variety of their plays as well as helping out with set-building, lighting and acting as compere on many occasions. Theze Guyz Theatre Company is the group that encouraged Trevor to write his first solo play, a one act drama available from Stagescripts, titled “A Necessary Death” and his full-length drama “Elephant’s Don’t Run”.

Outside of the writing mentioned above, Trevor is in the process of writing a novel and, most recently, he has acted in several films made by independent film makers.

He has a love of reading historical novels and often tries to visit the places mentioned in these books. This has seen him travel quite extensively around the world.

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