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Accident Of Circumstance

    by Ron Nicol

"… an intensely emotionally gripping play … based on a true life story…"

Charles Vance , Amateur Stage


Drama Play Script: 'Accident Of Circumstance' by Ron NicolThe action takes place on a split set with three acting areas - a simply furnished living-room, a GP’s consulting room, and a hospital lounge.

Schoolteacher John feels he’s a victim in all aspects of his life. At home there are constant arguments with his wife Ellen, in which he accuses her of having affairs with his friends and giving away his secrets. At work, John believes his colleagues and the pupils are plotting against him. His complaints to the Head Teacher receive an unsympathetic response.

The local GP diagnoses John as schizophrenic, but John ‘knows’ there’s nothing wrong with him. He goes to see another Doctor, but she seems baffled by his illness. John refuses to take his medication and eventually ends up in hospital, where his encounters with the doctor become increasingly fraught. He loathes the experience, and a series of incidents reinforce his feelings that the nurses are spying on him and gossiping about him behind his back. His father-in-law, also a doctor, doesn’t believe his accusations. John feels victimised, and begins to hear voices tormenting him.

John discharges himself from hospital, but his troubles continue. He alienates his mother, his relationship with Ellen disintegrates, and eventually their marriage breaks down. Following a series of heated arguments he finally deserts his doctor. Only his friend Jane, also schizophrenic, can understand how he feels. His turbulent and increasingly difficult existence only ends when sudden death releases him from his pain.

A drama based on actual events and told in John and Ellen’s own words.


45 mins approx


(3m, 4f, 6m/f  or 2m, 4f with doubling)

  • John – 30's or 40's
  • Ellen - 30's or 40's, his wife
  • GP - (m/f)
  • Head Teacher - (m/f)
  • Doctor - (m/f)
  • Old Woman
  • Nurse - (m/f)
  • Second Nurse - (m/f)
  • John’s Father-in-law
  • Patient - (m/f)
  • Man in Wheelchair
  • John’s Mother
  • Jane

When doubling the following grouping could be used...

  • GP, Old Woman, Nurse, John’s Mother and Jane
  • Head Teacher, John’s Father-in-law, Second Nurse, Patient and Man in Wheelchair
More nurses and/or patients may be included if required.

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