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Children Of The Revolution

    by Tom Casling


Drama Play Script: 'Children Of The Revolution' by Tom Casling

Playwright Tom Casling says:

"As a child I was fascinated with the story of 'The Prime Of Ms Jean Brodie' and the power and influence she had over (her) ‘girls’. As the story develops I could not but help think that as well as being a force for change Ms Jean Brodie also had a destructive influence on those girls. This play draws on that influence and recognises the power for change that young people have when they are fired up by an issue.

I have tried to capture a current issue and to explore the lives of young people today against those of children in the less developed world. At a time when labels, logos and image are everything the play explores through the lives of the young people ‘at what cost’ and what if anything we, as a society can do about this.

It also recognises that to bring about change there is often a cost, a cost that someone has to pay".

This is a play for six young people aged 14-17 and five adults of various ages. It is entirely fictitious and no allusion to any school and/or similar events is intended.


50 mins approx


(5m, 4njr-m, 2jnr-f)


  • Mr McInnis - head teacher
  • Mr Thomas - teacher
  • Mark Lowther - TV presenter
  • Ben Ogleby - reporter
  • Police officer - voice only

Children - aged 14-17
4m, 2f

  • Alex Pringle
  • Jessica Wright
  • Becky Harris
  • David Clarke (D J)
  • Michael Smith (Mouse)
  • Marcus Henderson (Moxy)

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