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Do We Know His Parents?

    by Tom Casling


Drama Play Script: 'Do We Know His Parents?' by Tom Casling

This is a play about people’s past and our obsession with wanting to know more about people to help you form an opinion. 

Tom and Christina are both University Students.  The relationship is now at the stage were Christina feels the need to invite Tom home to meet her parents.  She has thought long and hard about this not least because parents can be embarrassing and her choice isn’t necessarily theirs.  She is particularly worried about her dad after all she is his little girl.  Her mum will be more practical, more reasonable and less hassle wanting only what is best for her daughter. 

The visit is arranged and embarrassing photographs are out and Christina’s dad cannot resist wanting to know more about Tom’s roots, his family and the area he grew up in.  Tom is proud of his heritage and the town where he lives, however it is also John’s old stomping ground, the place where he worked for several years.  John decides, against the wish of Lesley his wife to call some old friends within Social Services to gather info on Tom’s family and discovers to his horror more than he bargained for. 

This is a simple one act play which is set in the living room of Christina’s home.


30 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  • John Scott - 50s, Social Worker                                     
  • Lesley Scott - 50s, Johns Wife   
  • Christina Scott - 19, John and Lesley’s daughter                   
  • Tom Hogarth - 19/20, Lesley’s boyfriend                                              
  • Bob Smith - 55, Social Worker & John’s colleague
  • Judith Hogarth - 70, Tom’s grandma

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