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One, Two... TREE

    by Adam Colclough

Drama Play Script: 'One Two...TREE' by Adam Colclough


One couple, three stories: when, then & again. Over a fifty-year period, we witness the seed of a relationship being planted and the eventual blossoming.

Two teenagers Drew & Jane, meet by chance underneath an old oak tree without realising the impact that this encounter will have on their lives. The instant connection between the two, allows them both to feel at ease, as they quickly begin to get to know and confide in each other.

We then flash forward twenty years to their second meeting where they are now both mature adults with life experience behind them. That initial connection remains as they quickly pick up from where they left off like it was only yesterday, not twenty years! They discuss their lives over the past twenty years as well as sharing their hopes & dreams for the future.

It is now thirty years since Drew & Jane met for the second time and this is clearly a couple very much in love. A strong marriage forged over a thirty-year period as they both return to where it all began. They are here to fight for the old oak tree and the place which means so much. Tough decisions must be made as they each discover and discuss what matters in life the most.


30 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  • Drew - 17-20
  • Jane - 17-20
  • Drew - 37-40
  • Jane - 37-40
  • Drew - 67-70
  • Jane - 67-70
There is also the option for this play to be performed with 1m, 1f where one of the age groups also plays the other two age groups.

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