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Going Home

    by Ron Nicol

"… gripping and moving"…

Glanmire Macra , at the Macra na Feirme All-Ireland Final


Drama Play Script: 'Going Home' by Ron NicolThe play is set in a further education college at the end of the academic year. College lecturer Jack Mackintosh is nearing retirement age. It’s the end of a tiring day, and all he wants to do is go home. He eavesdrops on attractive Senior Lecturer Helen Roberton and lecturer Janet Hardy discussing the state of the college and its future. Helen says that dead wood needs to be cut out, a comment clearly aimed at Jack. When Janet leaves, Helen encounters student Craig Skinner, who asks her to put in a good word for him.

Jack finds a card on his desk, left for him by student Sharon Barret. The message ‘to my favourite teacher’ makes him shed a tear. Head of Department Mrs Doyle corners Jack in his room, suggests he should consider early retirement, and leaves an envelope on his desk. Helen tackles Jack, asking him to alter Craig’s examination mark. Jack refuses, mentioning Helen’s previous affair with a student.

Jack overhears students Leanne and Tracey laughing about Sharon’s card, saying it was meant as a joke. When he tackles Sharon she tells him that she’s leaving the college because his standards are too high for her to reach. Craig confronts Jack about his examination mark, and opens Mrs Doyle’s letter – a compulsory redundancy notice. 

Craig assaults Jack leaving him disorientated and in pain. Leanne tells Tracey that Jack had managed to stagger home, but had been found lying dead beside the corpse of his wife. Sharon discovers that Jack has changed Craig’s mark to allow him to pass – and changes it back again.


45 mins approx


(3m, 6f)

The Staff

  • Jack Macintosh (Mr Mac) – early 60's
  • Mrs Doyle -  50+, his Head of Department
  • Helen Roberton - late 30's/early 40's, Senior Lecturer
  • Janet Hardy - 20+, a new young teacher


  • Sharon Barrett - teenage to early 20's
  • Craig Skinner - teenage to early 20's
  • Leanne Woodward -teenage to early 20's
  • Tracey Harrower - teenage to early 20's
  • Darren Spence - teenage to early 20's

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