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The Mazarin Stone

    by Conan Doyle adapted by Ron Nicol


Drama Play Script: 'The Mazarin Stone' by Ron Nicol

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story 'The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone', which Doyle initially wrote as 'The Crown Diamond'.

Countess Natalia Sylvina steals a fabulous diamond – the Mazarin Stone - and Sherlock Holmes determines to get it back. He has a plan which involves the use of a lifelike dummy of himself, placed near the window of his consulting room at Baker Street. In the absence of Doctor Watson, Sherlock requests the assistance of Watson’s wife Mary.

Countess Sylvina and her strong-arm man Sam Merton arrive to confront the great detective. On seeing the dummy they initially believe it to be Holmes himself, and Sylvina is about to deliver a crushing blow to the skull when Sherlock appears. He conceals the dummy behind a screen and suggests that rather than revealing to the police what he knows about the Countess and her previous crimes, he will settle for the return of the Stone. He leaves Sylvina and Sam to discuss their options, retiring to his bedroom to play the violin.

As the violin plays, the Countess and Sam make their plans. During their discussion Sherlock removes the dummy from behind the screen and takes its place in the chair, while a recording of his violin-playing continues to play. When the Countess shows the Stone to Sam, Sherlock springs out of the chair and takes possession of the the precious jewel. Mary duly arrives with the police and the villains are arrested.

While returning the jewel to Lady Cantlemere, Holmes can’t resist a final piece of mischievous legerdemain, surreptitiously placing the Stone in Lady Cantlemere’s pocket and accusing her of theft.


40 mins approx


(2m, 4f)

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Mary Watson
  • Mrs Hudson
  • Countess Natalia Sylvina
  • Sam Merton
  • Lady Hilda Cantlemere

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