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There's Nobody At The Door

    by Adam Colclough

Drama Play Script: 'There's Nobody At The Door' by Adam Colclough


A reflection of life through the eyes of a wife and mother. Moments of comedy intertwined with loneliness and regret to show us that life has its challenges, but through each generation runs the common threads of hope, love and ultimate happiness. 

Through a monologue, Mary shares with us, her life story. From being a young girl with loving parents and strong female role models, to that of a determined and ambitious woman in love filled full of hope for the future, as a wife and mother, before becoming a lady of mature years harbouring heartache and loss, due to unforeseen tragedy and a cruel twist of fate. 

We will learn all about the key moments, the special people which she holds so dear and the many events, which have helped to shape Mary’s eighty years. 


45 mins approx


(1m, 2f, 1m/f)

  • Mary - 80
  • Paramedic - 30-40 (m/f)
  • Edward - 21-37 
  • Emma - 15

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