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Miller, Robin Jennifer

Robin Jennifer Miller

Robin Jennifer Miller

Robin Miller trained (and still works) as an actress. She has had numerous short stories published in magazines.  In 2002 she joined Actors and Writers London to further her acting, and found herself inspired to write plays (she also met her husband, actor Gregory Cox).

Since then, she has written several short plays, two of which have won first prize in AWL’s competitions, and three full length plays, Murder On Cue, Dragon Island and Liberty Hall.  Murder On Cue and Liberty Hall are both published by Stagescripts, both have enjoyed successful productions by amateur companies, and both have been produced by Robin’s own company, Rare Fortune. 

These productions sold out and the feedback from the audiences was excellent:  ‘The best night out at the theatre I’ve had’, ‘Just what an audience needs – a genuinely feel good evening, full of joie de vivre’, ‘I’d forgotten how good it is to laugh’, ‘Full of twists and turns, kept us guessing till the final scene’.

'Murder On Cue' is a traditional murder mystery with plenty of comedic moments.  It is set in a retirement home for actors, giving older performers some strong, juicy roles to play.  It pays homage to all the traditions of the genre – a house cut off by snow, lots of suspects and plenty of red herrings – but adds a modern twist of humour.  Murder On Cue provides drama, mystery, suspense and laughter in equal measure.

'Liberty Hall' is a traditional farce, which again pays homage to the genre.  All the farcical tropes are present – mistaken identities, characters talking at cross purposes, disguises and various mix-ups. The setting is a country house hotel which our hero is trying to pass off as his parents’ stately home.  Liberty Hall provides a light-hearted evening of romance and fun. 

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