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Liberty Hall

‘An exceptionally funny and well crafted play… an unforgettable evening’


Comedy Play Script: 'Liberty Hall' by Robin Jennifer MillerIn his desire to impress his new American girlfriend Zoe, Tom has somehow managed to convince her he's an English lord whose parents own a stately home.  Naturally enough, Zoe wants to see this wonderful place.  Tom knows that Ashworth Hall is a delightful country house hotel, and he's sure, with the help of his friend Colin, he can pass it off as his parents' home.

Meanwhile George and Barbara, the managers of the hotel, have received news from their wayward son's boarding school that a teacher is on their way to visit.  Any new arrival is likely to be mistaken for the irate teacher.  Unfortunately for Tom, his ex-girlfriend ‘Scary’ Anna has also decided to have a weekend break at Ashworth Hall.  (Anna is not known as ‘Scary Anna’ for nothing).  And unfortunately for Zoe, her father Marvin is on his way to visit her there too.

Marvin has rather old-fashioned views concerning his daughter and Zoe has told him she is there with a female chaperone.  Colin (who has rather fallen for Zoe) nobly steps in to impersonate said female chaperone.  His disguise proves a little too convincing for Marvin who becomes rather smitten with dear 'Harriet'.

When the real teacher, Miss Davis, shows up things get even more confusing.  Miss Davis is a strict teetotaller but George will keep plying her with drink.  By this stage, nearly everyone is pretending to be someone else.  After much mistaken identity and talking at cross purposes, order is eventually more or less restored and everyone seems to find their rightful romantic partner.


90 mins approx (exc interval)


(4m, 4f)

  • George - 50's, hotel manager
  • Barbara - 50's, hotel manager
  • Tom - 20's
  • Colin - 20's/30's
  • Zoe - 20's, American
  • Anna - 20's
  • Marvin - 50's, Zoe's father, American
  • Miss Davis - 40's/50's, school teacher

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