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Comedic Drama

 Musical Theatre: 'Billy Buckett' a 50s musical by Cann, Turner & Mundy

Billy Buckett by Jay Turner, Cath Mundy & Peter Cann

Principals : 3m, 3f    Support : 2m, 2f (plus Ensemble supplying 2m, 1f, 1m/f cameo roles)
Set in 1959 England in the colourful era of Teddy-Boys & Judies, with their quiffs and bouffantsBilly, a guitar playing car mechanic, arrives on the scene and falls in love with Jan Burns, the boss's daughter; their relationship being helped along by garage foreman, Big Ted, and Jan's friend, Maureen. Billy and Jan regrettably take things too far, and Jan is packed off by Billy's boss, Arthur, to a private clinic in Switzerland. Billy is told nothing and, assuming Jan has dumped him, he leaves, and within six months becomes a pop star. Returning later for Ted and Mo's wedding, Billy finds out that his baby is to be adopted, and being an orphan himself, is determined to do the right thing by Jan and get their baby back. Arthur is forced to concede only when his wife takes a stand against him. Heart-warming, spirited and touching.


Class Of 77

Principals : 7m, 5f (or 5m, 7f)    Support : 3m, 2f (plus Chorus)
Get back to Britain in the 1970’s when ‘The Generation Game’ and ‘The Good Life’ ruled our TV sets, and the Ford Cortina ruled our roads. As their final year at school comes to an end, the class of ’77 wonders what the future will bring … and fifteen years later a school reunion brings them back together. As old scores are settled and old flames are re-ignited, they realise that their golden years are not those gone by, but those up ahead. ‘Class Of 77’ is funny, touching, invigorating, and (for those of us old enough to remember) wonderfully evocative of a youth untroubled by 21st century distractions.
Musical Theatre: 'Feelgood Academy' by Steve Jones, Penny Lane & Glenn Keiles

Feelgood Academy by Steve Jones, Penny Lane and Glenn Keiles

(4m, 7f plus supporting cast)
‘Feelgood Academy’ explores the price of our life’s dreams and why you should never give up on them.  Set in a British school of performing arts, two young student girls grapple with their fears, their abilities and their inner confidence, then face a battle between themselves. Which of them will go forward to represent the school at a crucial audition for a West End musical? ‘Feelgood Academy’ is ideal for high school / young adult productions with contemporary upbeat songs and dance opportunities. WATCH THE TRAILER VIDEO HERE


Principals : 7m, 8f, 1m/f     Support : 4m, 10f, 1m/f (plus Chorus)
Join Rob, Bob and Gloria (or Bruce) as your hosts on 'Reality', a game show that offers people the chance to change the future. Watch them search for a contestant willing to risk all and play for the ultimate prize. Be part of staging the audience vote. With 'real life' scenes set on a London Station and a game show set in a studio somewhere in time, 'Reality' takes the game show to a new dimension. Full of solos, duets, trios, chorus songs and lots of dance possibilities (inc one tap dance)
'The Wind In The Willows' musical

The Wind In The Willows

Principals : 7m, 1f, 2m/f     Support : 5m, 8f, 17m/f (plus Chorus)
A new adaptation of this popular classic, first performed at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. When Mole pops up into the open air, a wonderful new world full of exhilarating adventures and new friends is revealed; boating with the gentle Ratty, feasting with the noble Badger and a series of map-cap escapades with the reckless Toad. The audacious Mr Toad leads the friends from one adventure to another, upturned caravans, stolen motorcars, train chases ... But after Toad's daring prison escape can they all join together and beat the sinister inhabitants lurking within the Wild Wood, save Toad Hall and restore order on the River Bank?