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Drama (Classic or Costume)


A Christmas Carol

Principals : 6m, 3f, 1m/f, 1 child male    Support  : Large (Adult/Youth Chorus/Cameos)
A relatively easy to stage, musical version of the Dickens classic tale. Some interesting principal roles and lots of chorus work combine to make this an ideal choice for groups that produce a Christmas fund-raiser in between their main shows, or maybe taking the place of a panto as an alternative piece of traditional Christmas theatre.
 Musical Theatre: 'Clarinda' by Gibb & Walsh


‘Clarinda’ is a new Scottish musical play based on the love affair between Robert Burns and Nancy McLehose that led to a famous exchange of letters, and that inspired the poet to write ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ as a touching parting gift. It sees the events and relationships she was involved in from Nancy’s perspective. Witty, courageous, flirtatious and coy in turns, she was in many ways untypical of her period.  Though almost 200 years have passed, Nancy’s story remains as poignant today as it did then. 

Gulliver's Travels - the definitive musical

Gulliver's Travels

Principals : 9m, 7f, 1m/f   Support : 10m, 4f, 3jr-m, 1jr-f plus chorus
NOTE : All Principal and Support roles can be doubled except for Gulliver, Mary and Don Pedro.
A colourful, fun and inventive adaptation of Swift's novel bringing out the deeper side of Gulliver's character set to stunning music. The Lilliputians (tiny people) and the Brobdingnadians (huge people) are well known to most, but the musical also covers two not so well known parts of the original book : the lands of Laputa (the flying island) and Houyhnhnm (the land of intelligent horses). Whilst this musical is enjoyable in its spectacle to children, it is most definitely a musical for all ages.

Jane Eyre - the definitive musical

Jane Eyre

Principals: 4m, 6f adult, 3f junior  Support:1m, 3f (plus chorus supplying cameo roles of: 3m, 8f adult, 1m, 2f junior)
This new musical adaptation captures the passion, struggle, and eventual hope and forgiveness of Charlotte Brontë's magnificent classic novel. This beautiful musical journey takes us through the life of the orphan, Jane Eyre, as she rises above the tragedies of her youth to find redemption and renewed hope.

Little Women - a new musical

Little Women

Principals : 4m, 6f adult,     Support :1m, 1f (plus chorus)
This soaring new musical adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved American classic novel follows the sacrifices, struggles and triumphs of the March Family during the American Civil War. Delightful characters bring to life all the loves, laughter, and heartaches of one unforgettable family. It “captures the heart in a way that won’t let go!”.

'Much Ado' - a Shakespearean musical

Much Ado

Principals : 5m, 3f   Support : 9m, 1f, 1m/f plus chorus
This new musical based on one of Shakespeare's popular plays combines a mixture of comedy, romance and near-tragedy with the feisty characters of Beatrice and Benedick at its core as they exchange abuse and swear they will never marry anyone. Coupled with a variety of other characters and situations that call for a variety of musical moods and expressions this beautiful musical keeps more or less to the original structure of the play whilst retaining as much of the original prose as possible.


Principals : 4m, 2f;     Support : 5m, 8f, 5m/f (plus Chorus)
A sung-through rock opera inspired by the classic black and white silent movie of the same name - the first movie ever made of the Dracula story. The musical is dark, brooding, passionate, eerie and fascinating, yet contains some inspired dialogue and lyrics. While following the general storyline and feel of that movie, the vampire in this adaptation is a much more tragic figure than the creature generally portrayed in the countless Dracula films and other cinematic portrayals of vampires that followed.
'Paris' - an epic musical


Principals : 9m, 3f;      Support : 7m, 1f, 1m/f (plus Chorus)
Paris is based on an ancient Greek myth : the story of Helen of Troy. It was first produced as a CD/double cassette concept album in 1990, and quickly become the most popular original Australian music theatre recording ever. It is an epic musical with fantastic music and wonderful chorus opportunities. The story is a compilation of Homer's Iliad, Virgil's Aeniad, and various other classics, but essentially it is a love story about the original 'star crossed lovers' : Paris and Helen.

Pride and Prejudice

Principals : 5m, 10f     Support : 3m, 5f (plus chorus)
The story told in Pride And Prejudice of the Bennett family, centred as it is on the relationship between the proud aristocrat Fitzwilliam Darcy and the high-spirited Elizabeth Bennett, is one of the most enduringly popular novels of all time and has had a far-reaching influence on all romantic fiction right up to the present day. This musical disappoints neither Austen fans nor theatre audiences.
Quasimodo - dramatic musical theatre


Principals : 3m, 2f    Support : 2m, 1f, 1m/f    plus chorus
Quasimodo is an exciting and dramatic musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s tragic tale of the unfortunate hunchback and his unrequited love for the beautiful gypsy girl Esmeralda. Set amidst the fear, poverty and superstition of 15th century France this show has an epic quality that is hugely satisfying for principals, chorus and audience alike.


Principals : 4m, 3f   Support : 5m (with 1m, 1f, 3m/f children, 6yrs to 10yrs and Chorus)
This powerful musical tells the moving story of immigrant gold miners and their families in 1862 and how their quest for instant fortune brings heartache, hope and (eventually) happiness. With a strong storyline and a modern score, the musical just fizzes with raw emotion. Three full-scale professional productions in the equivalent of the West End in New Zealand followed by successful UK amateur productions praised by two NODA Councillors stand testament to the quality of this musical.


Principals : 5m, 3f     Support : 5m, 1f (plus chorus)
A story of the Industrial Revolution, brimming with tragedy, humor and passion. Hardship and hard work were commonplace at the beginning of the 19th Century, but in their attempts to bring improved working and living conditions, the characters living in Oldham in this musical epitomise the wider struggle that was prevalent in the large industrial towns of England. 'Threads' has a strong storyline, some challenging character roles and plenty of chorus work.


Winner : Best Book & Lyrics, GMDF Festival 2009 (together with four other prizes)
Principals : 5m, 3f adult, 1f junior     Support : 8m, 2f, 1 m/f (plus Chorus)
In 1612 Lancashire, James and Catherine both from different classes, backgrounds and worlds find themselves in a melting pot of politics and suspicion. In newly protestant London, the King, his court and his henchman (the Witchfinder), each with a different vested interest, take up against the innocent Catholic residents of Pendle who they suspect are witches. A powerful story with dominant characters and soaring themes, the musical traces the heart-rending events and their consequences, painting a picture that encompasses life and of loss, but equally tells of love and of hope.

Wuthering Heights

Principals : 3m, 4f adult, 1f junior     Support :3m, 1f, 2jnr-m, 1jnr-f (plus chorus)
The haunting image of Heathcliffe searching the moors for the ghost of his beloved Cathy is surely one of the enduringly passionate scenes in English literature. This adaptation has been recognised by the Brontë Society as marking the first time that the true spirit of this masterpiece has been captured in music. Heathcliffe enters the House On The Hill, and the wild boy falls for Cathy, but attracts nothing but hatred from Hindley, her brother.