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The Wizard Of Woz

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto



A worried Munchkin comes back over the rainbow to find Dorothy. She is needed to help her old friends again. It seems that Scarecrow has lost his sense of humour. He is a right old misery guts and is making everyone in the Emerald City very unhappy with his miserable face. Lion has lost his memory, and simply wanders around all day sadly singing, “I keep forgetting to remember.” But the Tinman is worse than both Scarecrow and Lion, because something has gone wrong with the Heart the Wizard gave him and he has lost all his kindness. Every time the Munchkins ask permission to have a dance or a party, Tinman always says no, just to show how mean he has become. In fact he has become the meanest meanie of them all!

Dorothy is so upset at the news, so, with the help of her magic doll, Jerrapip, she dreams her way back to Oz to help. She finds that Oz has been renamed Woz, the extra ‘W’ is in honour of the Wizard.

But what can she do to cure her friends? She’ll certainly need help, and she gets it by taking Scarecrow to see Doctor Laughachuckle, the daftest Doctor in the world in the Land of Laughs – Lion to see Mr Magicalis Mogg, the Memory Minder in the Land of Memories – and Tin Man to see Mr Tockity, the Greatest Ticker Tinker in the world.  However, the cures are not quite so easy to perform, so will they actually work?


One Act: 50 mins approx


Principals (5m, 1f, 4m/f)

  • Dorothy - small girl as in original story, has a doll called Jerrapip (f)
  • Tin Man - as in original story, carries an oilcan (m)
  • Lion - as in original story, slow, cumbersome and not very bright (m)
  • Scarecrow - as in original story, always a little unsteady on his feet (m)
  • Bongalong - Munchkin messenger, always agitated and in a hurry (m/f)
  • Pongalong - Munchkin, smells to high heaven (m/f)
  • Dongalong - Munchkin, carries a bell (m/f)   
  • Dr Laughachuckle - comic doctor, always laughing, very zany, verging on madness (m/f)
  • Mr Magicalis Mogg - the Memory Minder, wizard-like old man, slow and doddery (m)
  • Mr Tockity Tockity - ticker tinker, loud, brash, salesman type, show off (m)


Extras for larger casting:

Munchkins, People from the different lands visited, Animals, Trees, Flowers

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