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Dark Sky

    by Alan Stockdill



There’s something in the air. The Dark Sky animal rights group are planning an audacious strike against the Sutton Life Sciences laboratory. But is everyone really who they appear to be? Emma is having a relationship with Paul but John seems to be involved somewhere. Who can you trust? Where does Luke fit in and can Matthew get on with his life without risk? Will animals or people get hurt in the process? Are these people dangerous or just a hapless group of amateurs?

Inspired by a real-life story, Alan Stockdill’s ‘Dark Sky’ is a black comedy with more than a twist or two. The play covers a number of themes:  love, relationships, deception, passionate causes, animal rights, fidelity, duplicity, double lives. Are people really who they seem to be on the surface or do they put out an image opposite to who they really are. 

The script flies off the page with energy, comedy, shock wondering, twists, turns and surprises.  One minute the audience will be speculating, the next they’ll be shocked.  Laughing, then considering. Who will take off the mask first and will it have a domino effect?   It’s not all black and white, there are several shades of grey. When the Sky gets Dark, will we see the light?


110 mins approx


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